The York Bar


The Four Georgians Historical Society's first official watering hole. The bar was plaqued in August 2016 at our 2nd doins.





7500 York Rd, Helena, MT 59602

The Windbag Saloon


The Windbag Saloon is our 2nd official Watering Hole as an Outpost. Located in Downtown Helena we plaqued it in 2017, and it is a great place to get a little or big slippery when in need. Insider tip, it USED to be a brothel, run by a madame named Big Dorothy, right up until her arrest in 1974.

4132, 19 S Last Chance Gulch St, Helena, MT 59601

Lewis and Clark Brewery

The Lewis and Clark Taproom Plaque

Lewis and Clark Brewery is a tap room where we like to go quite often! This is our third official watering hole, the location of our annual Chili Cook-Off, and we used to even have our meetings here. We Plaqued it as our 3rd official watering hole at our 2018 Chili Cook-Off.

1517 Dodge Ave, Helena, MT 59601 

The Little Red School House


To commemorate the 130th anniversary of the establishment of The Little Red School House as a place of learning in the Helena valley, The Four Georgians 4681 set a time capsule here in 2018. This is a historical site from the early, pioneer days of the Montana territory, and also the location of our past Candlelight Do-Ins.

1635 Sierra Rd. East Helena, MT 59602

Anchor Park


To Comemmorate the 150th aniversary of the discovery of gold in Last Chance Gulch, the Four Georgians set this monument at the entrance to anchor park near the Helena Public Library in 2014. This park has artifacts honoring the USS Helena, a former United States Navy Destroyer. These artifacts include an anchor, a massive propeller, and a section of anchor chain from the ship. 

120 S Last Chance Gulch St, Helena, MT 59601

York Park


In 2016 the four Georgians set a monument here to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold in York Montana by the Price party. It was set during our second official do-ins (as an outpost), and also designated the York Bar as our first official watering hole.

 7500 York Rd, Helena, MT 59602

The Four Georgians monument


The Four Georgians monument at the head of the infamous Last Chance Gulch is our crown jewel. This monument tells the story of the discovery of gold in Last Chance Gulch by our namesake, the Four Georgians.