About Us


Clamper Creed

As I pass through this life, may I always be humble, may I never take myself too serious - "a stuffed shirt", may I always appreciate a little bit of the ridiculous, may I always be a two-fisted Clamper when the bottle passes my way, and if I imbibe and can't hold it like a man, may I always be able to pass it to the next Brother, May I never forget the stout-hearted men who settled a great Western wilderness, and the heritage we have today; and may I never fail to appreciate a bit of Western lore. 

General Meetings

Monthly meetings will be held at the Moose Lodge in the Helena valley on North Montana ave. Meetings will be held at 7pm sharp on the fourth Friday of every month, unless announced otherwise. Late Clampers will be soundly booed, and possibly tarred and feathered, depending on the mood of our Damn Fool Doorkeeper.


Grand Noble Humbug


Alex "Big Bear" Tyhurst
A magical dwarf lives within his beard. 

Vice Grand Noble Humbug


Zac "KraqSnayꓘ" Tuomi
Superpower: breastfeeding zoo animals. 

Grand Noble Recorder


Dave "Davo" Rennerfeldt
He actually is a magical dwarf. 

Gold Dust Receiver


Travis "T-Bag" Nelson
You can make it rain, but he will not dance.



Zack "Corn Fed" Weins
He could get any woman in the world with his Donald Trump impression, but he has only ever done it once. 

Damn Fool Door keeper


Ron "Bucket Head" King
Don't call him Bucket Head. 

Head Vigilante


Devin "Gato" Felix
Evil twin to the Most Interesting Man in the World. 

Black Lung - Head Smoke Eater


Justin "Puddin" Knapp
His meatballs are to die for. Literally. 

Mad Raffler


Dustin "Sasshole" Richesin
Half god, half Clamper, all man!

Meeting Location

The Moose Lodge

4750 North Montana Avenue, Helena, Montana 59602, United States